The Evil that is Kid Rock

Friday, June 20, 2008

I know that musical taste is very subjective.  Despite the fact that I don't care for Jazz, I can understand why people would like it.  The same holds true for most any other artist or style of music.  The exception is Kid Rock.  I am a total loss as to why anyone would like him or his music.  I like the stuff he samples, but he just finds a way to make it unlistenable.  Don't even talk to me about Pam Anderson.  I wouldn't hit that even if you doused me with anti-hepatitis medications.  There is also his off stage antics, like getting arrested at a waffle house.  

Cracked has a great take on why his latest video is the worst ever.


Sopor 11:12 AM  

Heh, I have to agree with you on this one Steves. Kid Rock is about one of my least favorite "musicians" (please, I use the term as loosely as I can! I wouldn't even dream of calling him an artist...)

I tend to consider myself a very broad appreciater (if that's a word) of music. I'm not big into the current hip hop scene, and I don't care too much for country, but I can respect them both and understand their place and following (to a degree when it comes to hip hop...)

Kid Rock however kind of stands on his own, and doesn't seem to do much that is good and beneficial.

I will give him ONE small piece of credit: he's down with the new business models for the music industry, meaning free distribution of the "infinite goods" (music) to promote the scarce items (shows and swag).

However, I have to immediately pull that piece of credit back, as his attitude about it is ALL wrong. If you didn't click through, here's the root of it:

"I don't mind people stealing my music. That's fine. But I think they should steal everything."

Umm yea, chaos isn't going to help anything... (y'all should understand why I won't use the term 'Anarchy' in this case...)

See, I'm a big believer in today's information age, infinite goods such as software have no monetary value (I'm currently posting from FireFox 3 running on Ubuntu... free software all around!). They do have value, in attracting business to the scarce items. In the case of music it's concerts and shirts and the like. In the software market, it's going to come largely to support and hardware, even though hardware has thin margins... Support is really where it's at, software companies need to leverage their expert staff to provide support to companies or individuals who need safety nets. We use a Linux/Asterisk based open-source phone system at work, and pay handsomely for 24x7 support from the company in CA that's written the software and built the computer. I could've gotten their software for free, and built my own system, but I gladly pay to have them take care of the hard parts!

Oh man I just went WAY off on a tangent...

But yea, Kid Rock is no good.

Sopor 11:10 AM  

Hmm, did I kill two conversation threads in a row? Wow.

steves 3:27 PM  

No, maybe people are out of town.

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