Spiteful Rain

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rain. I hate the rain. It is spiteful. We need it so bad, yet it only comes down on the weekends when I have a million things to do outside. And not only is it raining...it is raining sporadically. Every time I get up on my roof, it starts raining. Every time I start painting, it starts raining. Why can't rain when I am working during the day? My grass needs the rain, but the rain has decided to be spiteful. Makes me mad.

This weekend had hope and promise of getting things done...but nope. No such luck.

I haven't posted on here forever, and now have time because my kid is playing with a neighbor and my other kid is sleeping...and I am inside doing noting because of... wait for it... the rain!



Sopor 4:19 PM  

I managed to get lucky. I went rushing out to Grand Ledge's Fitzgerald Park for a round of Disc Golf about noon, figuring I would get in about 9 holes before the rain broke. We saw some lightning, and had a few sprinkles, but nothing to get us wet.

Rickey Henderson 7:17 AM  

Yeah, tell Rickey about it. That stormy weather you folks were enjoying is headed Rickey's way today and it threatens to rain out the Mets game Rickey had plans to attend. Mother Nature is a fickle bitch.

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