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Friday, June 13, 2008

So, early this morning, I had a certain medical procedure performed. Thus, the delay in today's review. Yes, all is well, yes, I am healthy, yes, I am still the same sex.

Today's review is another fantastic brew traded to me by ATK regular George. Today we'll discuss Bear Republic's Racer 5 IPA. As far as IPAs go, this was about as good as I've had in terms of its balance, aggressive hop presence and integrity of the style.

Delivered in a big 22oz brown bomber with a checkered-flag logo and a big red 5 right smack on the front, it's a whole pint and a half of explosive hop-bomb for my fellow hop-heads.

It pured into my glass a mildly hazy amber and straw color with a fluffy pure-white head that lft rivulets of thick lacing down the glass as I drank it.

The beer has a clean, fresh and refreshing citrus aroma laid over an earthy pungency. There is a huge diversity of hops use in this beer, an the tantalizing aroma shows it. Underneath the load of hops, I got a nice light fruity-esters and a strong toasted malt worked hard to maintain its integrity against the hoppiness.

Hops race along my mouth and leaves a vapor-trail of earthy and floral bitterness that lasts for the rest of each sip and tjrough the whole pint. I believe it's bottle conditioned, and the remarkable smoothness of the beer shows it. There again is this solid maltiness, but true to British-style ales, it tends towards a biscuity and toasty range of flavors that serves to comopliment the earthy hops very well. The beer's 7% abv shows in a nice, warming alcohol presence without tasting like jet fuel or like you did a bolilermaker; it's there, and it has a warming effect, but that's all it is (though instead of spice, I wonder if it contributes to the estery flavors).

Smooth, medium-high carbonation, great medium body and a slight, slick oiliness are hallmarks of Racer 5. Another great beer from The Golden State, and thanks again, George!


Joel 12:45 PM  

I hope you wore a tux, because to BE im-PO-tant you gotta LOOK im-PO-tant...

George 12:48 PM  

You're welcome! And I hope the procedure went well.

the infamous roger 12:52 PM  

So... would you still want me to ship you Racer 5?

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 2:03 PM  

So, your army of darkness will remain at 3?

Smitty 3:27 PM  


Veery funny. You sure those kids are *yours?*

Roger: Hell. Yes.

Bob: Yup. 3's Company.

Sopor 9:03 PM  

Seeing as I'll be in Cali tomorrow, I'll have to look for a bottle of Racer 5! I've heard this is supposed to be an AWESOME IPA, and from your review, it sounds it!

the infamous roger 3:25 PM  

sopor, be sure to get a bottle of Green Flash Imperial IPA.

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