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Monday, December 01, 2008

In all the media coverage of the blowhards on the hill lambasting the American automakers for past sins, real and imaginary, there was one voice on the Banking Committee that failed to get coverage. Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-Michigan, 11) deserves credit for his 8 minute defense of the Automaker loan package. He is clear, pointed and makes much more sense than anyone who received news coverage.


Smitty 1:52 PM  

And in other news, there was a massive snowball fight in Hell.

Bob just complimented Thadd McCotter.

Anonymous,  2:46 PM  


If you're interested in receiving releases and video clips from the Congressman, let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Jameson Cunningham
Press Secretary

Smitty 3:42 PM  

Hey! We hit the big-time! Thadd's Press Sec'y!

Thanks, Jameson. We like You-Tube because then we avoid all of the other emails we don't care about, which is most emails from anyone, really. Nothing personal. I have played football with Thaddeus on Mackinac Island and like him quite a bit, though I occasionally disagree wildly with some of his policies.

So, thanks, but we will continue to pluck stuff off of CSPAN and You Tube so we can make absolutely sure we 1) get it out of context; and 2) say disparaging things about him his subject matter, or even in some cases, his opponents.

ATK Management

Bob 5:01 PM  


I am guessing that the auto industry is where I will most likely always agree with the Congressman. If I could get auto-related press releases only, that might be cool. Otherwise, I will probably not want to spoil all the warm fuzzy feelings that clip gave me.

He really knew his stuff in that clip, so if you helped prep him, congrats!

As liberal as I am, if I lived in his district, I might have to pull that lever. (Now Steve S can never say I am not bi-partisan.)

Bob 5:02 PM  
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B Mac 5:38 PM  

Someone... standing up for the Big 3... in Congress? What the hell is going on? Did I miss a memo?

steves 2:28 PM  

Good for him. It is nice to see some intelligent comments from one of our Rep's.

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