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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Those of you who know me are probably aware that I enjoy some of the simple things in life; poor hygeine, unfortunate wardrobe choices, full days of eating Cheetos and watching TV in my underwear... You know, the basics.

However, I may have to leave these things behind. Over Christmas I asked my girlfriend, BMac's woman, to become Mrs. BMac (Or SheMac, if you will).

(She said yes. Not sure why.)

SheMac (also known as "Jill") is a Michigan State graduate who works down here in South Bend. She drinks Coors Light (strike one), but I've got her into some Brown Ales and Belgians, and she's a big fan of Guinness, so there may be some hope. Plus she's a Democrat, so she's got that going for her.

No date yet for the wedding. The bachelor party starts this week, and runs up until the evening before the wedding. I'm thinking an Ayinger Celebrator in celebration of this occasion, though I'm open to opinions.


steves 10:11 AM  

Being a fan of Guinness more than cancels out the Coors, but I can't say the same for the Democrat thing ; )

Congratulations to you and SheMac!

Sopor 9:59 PM  

Congratulations BMac!

Celebrator is a good start... Then there's Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, maybe you can find some Bell's Wedding Ale on tap somewhere (although I think it's a summer seasonal)... Ah hell, just grab the BeerAdvocate top 100 and use it as a shopping list!

Mike 9:28 AM  

Celebrator works well, partly because you can give her the little goat while you drink the beer.

They're complicated in many respects; not so much in others.

Andy 9:35 AM  

Wow, congrats BMac! Welcome to the world of marriage (almost).

Rickey Henderson 9:43 AM  

Congrats Bmac! Way to ring in the New Year properly--a good thing is worth locking down.

Bob 10:18 AM  

Congratulations B Mac. Have we met this young lady?

One piece of advice: elope.

Rickey Henderson 11:17 AM  

A-fucking-men to that. Save the cash for something that'll last longer than a day.

Smitty 3:08 PM  

Congrats B Mac. I promise to sop hitting on SheMac now.

Bob 8:24 AM  

"I promise to sop hitting on SheMac now."

When will you stop hitting on everyone else's wives?

George 3:18 PM  

Best to both of the Macs!

Joel 10:30 PM  

Congrats man! What was she thinking? I mean about going to State, not about marrying you... although I question the latter a bit as well...

George 3:15 PM  

This might not be the place for it, but I also have to ask--how's your wedding planning going, Rickey?

Rickey Henderson 3:38 PM  

Well when it's not bracingly expensive, it's actually a good deal of fun hashing out all the details and deciding how we want it to look.

Getting married in a full blown recession is a very curious thing thing...

Bob 4:18 PM  



steves 8:31 PM  

Yeah, eloping is a great idea, except for the fact that some people expect/want a big wedding. Personally, I think it is a great idea, but I think I would have been heavily outvoted if I floated the eloping option.

Bob 8:31 AM  

"...except for the fact that some people expect/want a big wedding."

If those "people" don't include your future wife then f**k 'em.

Everyone does what everyone else wants in their wedding, not what they want.

"...but I think I would have been heavily outvoted if I floated the eloping option.

Yes, most wives want the big wedding too, until after they were married. At that point they wish they had done what they wanted.

Smitty 10:23 AM  

When will you stop hitting on everyone else's wives

When they stop looking so good. Everyone on this blog definitely married up.

Sopor 12:38 PM  

"Everyone on this blog definitely married up"

This give me hope...

Rickey Henderson 2:41 PM  

Eloping, while tempting, would piss a whole lotta people off in Rickey's life. Plus, it's what Ms Henderson wants (and deep down, Rickey does too).

Rickey's learning that a nice wedding isn't as tough to pull off as one would think as long as you're not a complete jackass about your expectations. Slash the flower budget. Forget all the bullshit about table favors. Just remember that it's a party. Make it fun.

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