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Friday, February 06, 2009

Ugh. I downloaded the video review to Google Video, and you could see me just fine, but the sound just went "TSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSH..." so screw it. Will try again next week. Back to normal reviews for now, until I ficgure this video thing out.

First of all, a big huge hats-off and massive thank-you to King Of Beautiful Prose and ATK commenter George for sending me yet another unbelievable stock of California beers.

While they have all been incredible, one in particular stands out from the pack: Alesmith IPA. As the back of the bottle says, "It's Pretty Awesome." How nicely understated. Were it not for George, I would have to wait until I was back in San Diego, California before I could gt my hands on a bottle. And since that's not going to be any time in probably the next decade...thanks again, George!

From the 22-oz. bomber, this stunning, golden honey elixir poured crystal-clear and left a solid, creamy head. As I merrily drank away, the lacing down the sides was like a Victorian window dressing: elegant and thickly laced.

What I would expect for aroma, Alesmith delivered: piney-laden and resinous hops with plenty of that lovely West Coast citrus that I hunger for all the way over here in the Midwest. What really separates Alesmith from the rest, though, are all of the little surprises it leaves for my nose: crystal malt sweetness, honey, mango. Such exotic, tropic aroma that I could long for a lazy vacation on a beach in Hawaii.

The taste took me there. Crystal malt dripped with honey. Oranges and limes. Flora. Everything worked in perfect balance and harmony. There was enough hop flavor for me to know this was an IPA, but enough of that honey-laden malt to balance the beer and cut an otherwise hefty hop flavor.

The bottle conditioning added just the right amount of carbonation to the medium-bodied beer and even the tad of ethanol added a hint of spice but not a bit of heat.

This is bar far the best IPA I have had in a long time. I am working with our local beer mecca in Michigan to get this stuff shipped here. Maybe some of you other lucky souls can go to your place and get it. Color me jealous.

George: knows his words, and knows his beer.


Pete 11:20 AM  

Part of me finds it amusing that millions of teenage girls manage to put up "video blogs" every day, but you're still having trouble :-P

Anyway, nice review, and good luck next week!

Joel 12:10 PM  

I wants me some.

I need to start scouring (scowering? WTF!) the Texas area for some righteous brews to send your way. Will need some MBC bourbon porter when it becomes available.

Exactly how do you ship this? Just show up with it at the Post Office and tell them it needs to get to Michigan?

Smitty 12:36 PM  

Exactly how do you ship this?

Email me.

show up with it at the Post Office

Nooooooooo. No. No. No. Not unless you want to see the inside of a prison or have you bank account emptied. Email me.

Part of me finds it amusing that millions of teenage girls manage to put up "video blogs" every day, but you're still having trouble

I would have my buddy's teenage daughter do these beer reviews and post them, since they all seem to be able to, but he said "no f***ing way, you a**hole" so there went that idea.

Sopor 12:38 PM  

Lol, funny thing is Smitty... I've often used the Post Office to simply WEIGH my boxes, before I schedule a pickup with UPS/Fedex!

This IPA sounds awesome... perhaps I'll have to get some of my co-workers in California to ship me some!

George 1:16 PM  

Glad you liked it so much, and your fine description honors it well.

Sopor 1:54 PM  

Alesmith IPA is #3 on the Top 10 American IPAs on Smitty, you should try to review them all!

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