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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm not too good at being a "Brewing Industry News Correspondent", so don't expect to see my segments on The Daily Show anytime soon... But every now and then I stumble on some gems, or just have some good stuff that needs to be share. Like this:

Movie comes out April 16th, with limited theater exposure. More information and more clips can be found at

And I mentioned Smitty's Maple Porter in the comments of our economic bashing brainstorming thread... This stuff is yummy. A little light on the carbonation, dark brown with red highlights, fruity sweet with hints of maple candy, medium-thickish body. Goes down smooth and easy... and five minutes later you realize that you're still tasting maple candy!

Thanks for the beer Smitty!


Sopor 1:25 PM  

SHIT. Sorry about the width issue... didn't expect blogger to allow that! I figured it would re-size. I'll see if I can find a thinner version...

Sopor 1:31 PM  

ok... it's still wider than the normal space, but it doesn't actually cover any links now... and I don't want to go to the even smaller version b/c it's too small for my taste. If that's still too wide... speak up and I'll grab the teeny tiny version!

Smitty 2:28 PM  

When's that come out...looks like a fun documentary!

Sopor 5:16 PM  

I updated the post with the release date for ya Smitty!

Joel 2:09 PM  

AWESOME. That looks like it'd be VERY interesting.

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