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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay, time to fess up and surrender my pride to Steve. The 2nd Amendment debate finally got to me, and I went and talked to my Con Law professor about it. He is probably the smartest guy I know, and is extremely knowledgeable in the field (that, and he's the only person I know that's actually read the entire Heller decision).

He agrees with you; if a case came before the court right now, the court would be more likely than not to incorporate them.

I surrender my sidearm to you, Steve.

(However, he did point out what I've said... there was a reason the court took up a District of Columbia case. It may (emphasis on may) be a case of the court splitting the baby. They affirmed the 2nd amendment as an individual right to keep and bear, but without invalidating scores of gun laws on spec.)


steves 6:51 PM  

Love the pictures. I have seen a variety of goofy tacticool guns, but never that one.

I eventually read the entire Heller decision, though I admit I skimmed the dissent. I agree that a major reason they tool up that case was to keep it federal and not have to deal with too many laws.

FWIW, I had 3 Con Law prof's. I am guessing here, but one would probably have agreed with this case, one definitely not, and I am not sure about the others.

Bob 7:36 PM  

If guns are outlawed, only conservatives will have guns.

Any questions?

Anonymous,  12:07 PM  


steves 2:35 PM  

If guns are outlawed, only conservatives will have guns.

Except for this guy, The Gun Toting Liberal. I read this pretty frequently. He is a little over the top, but entertaining.

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