Wanted: Good News

Friday, March 06, 2009

Looking for some good news to post on this fine, warm, Michigan Friday afternoon.

Please consider this an open thread to post links and stories on the good things happening in the world, or just post a postitive factoid of your own.


Bob 10:07 AM  

I'l start. Its 62 degrees and cycling season is about to begin.

B Mac 11:15 AM  

Baseball is starting to pop up on television screens again.

George 12:58 PM  

Only 22 more days until the Pizza Port Belgian Beer Fest!

Why don't you guys rent a van and all drive out from MI for it!

Bob 1:55 PM  

Only 22 more days until the Pizza Port Belgian Beer Fest!

That's the kind of good new we need.

Sopor 3:44 PM  

Bob: It's begun, at least for me... I got out on my Kona yesterday for about an hour... and my legs are PISSED that I did not keep the working all winter.

In other good news? Daylight savings starts this weekend, so the sun won't set right after we all get home from work anymore!

Andy 4:03 PM  

March Madness is right around the corner! (UM won't be there, though, and that is bad news).

Smitty 4:08 PM  

Saint Patrick's Day is this month. That's a holy, holy day.

Bob 4:41 PM  

Beer drinking tonight at Bran. Bros. that's a good thing.

Joel 8:43 PM  

March Madness is coming, and contrary to what SENIOR PESSIMIST posted above, UM has a good shot at going to the tourney for the first time since '98 after upsetting da Gofers.

Mr Kegerator 2:56 PM  

Amen to the daylight savings change, Sopor... I am lovin' the extra hour. Another bit of good news: UPS just delivered my new chalkboard tap handle. Makes my homebrew look so bar-worthy.

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