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Friday, June 26, 2009

Local watering hole Crunchy's is committed to beer. Good beer.There was a time (and still sort of is) when you could buy cheap beer by the bucket at Crunchy's. I don't mean a "bucket of beer" like you get at those crappy mega-chain restaurants, which is a small bucket filled with ice and 6 or so bottles. That's not a Crunchy's-style bucket. A Crunchy's, you got a 3 gallon bucket filled with beer, and a couple of pitchers. Their rule was that you had to have at least 2 people in order to get a bucket of beer. A 3 gallon bucket of beer.

It was also only stuff like Busch or Bud Lite, but a bucket of Guinness would be prohibitively expensive. But lately, Crunchy's has lent over some of their taps and fridge space to great craft beer from around the country.

July has been declared Michigan Craft Beer Month in honor of Michigan's 75+ breweries. To celebrate, Crunchy's is doing something special. At 12:01 on July 1, Crunchy's is switching 27 taps over to Michigan beers. Apparently, their list will include:

Bell’s- Lager of the Lakes
Bell’s- Oberon
Bell’s- Pool side
Bell’s- Oarsman
Arcadia- Purple Haze
Arcadia- Hop Rocket
New Holland- Dragon’s Milk
New Holland- Golden Cap
Short’s- Huma-Lupa-Licious
Dark Horse- Boffo Brown
Dark Horse- Double Crooked Tree
Dragon Mead- Final Absolution
Kuhnhenn Bothers- Simco Silly
Arbor-Milestone Porter
King- Mocha Java
Atwater- D-Light
Atwater- Dirty Blonde
Motor City- Ghettoblaster
Founder’s- Cerise
Founder’s- Double Trouble
Hideout- Nitro Hazelnut Stout
Mt. Pleasant- Second Wind Wheat
Sherwood- Mistress Jades Hemp Ale
Black Lotus-
The Livery- The Jak
Firkin: The Livery- Double Hopped Maillot Jaune

On top of that, the Bells Poolside Cherry Wheat Ale and Oarsmen Sour Ale listed above are exclusive Bell's releases that were formerly only available at the brewery in Kalamazoo.

It is so vitally important for Michigan pubs to carry Michigan beer; many of these breweries can't compete with shelf space in stores against BudMillerCoors or InBev, and more don't even try. So when popular bars like Crunchy's highlight Michigan beer, a whole new audience gets to experience great craft beer.

On June 30/July 1, I know where I'll be parked.


Bob 3:52 PM  

Dang. I love East Lansing. That list is incredible. Hope the students understand the gem they have.

steves 5:45 PM  

Damn, I am going to be out of town! Drink a few for me.

Hope the students understand the gem they have.

Considering the absolute swill I drank as a student there, I doubt it.

Rickey Henderson 6:27 PM  

Greetings from scenic Costa Rica! Rickey's discovered the local turgid pisswater known as Imperial Beer. Looks like this is shaping up to be a primarily rum-based trip...

Bob 8:16 PM  

"Greetings from scenic Costa Rica!"

Dude, ATK has gone international and during the honeymoon!

Smitty 8:52 PM  

We are honored that Rickey would take time from his honeymoon to say hello to a group of borderline alcoholics. Thanks Rickey, and congrats again!

steves 8:54 PM  

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Rickey...Nothing wrong with a rum-soaked trip.

Sopor 1:20 PM  

"Mt. Pleasant- Second Wind Wheat"

Woohoo! Glad to see this =)

Mike 7:48 PM  

The only brewery among those that I know is Arcadia. And I don't know those varieties. Hope they're good.

Sopor 7:52 PM  

Mike, I would really recommend trying the Mount Pleasant Brewing Company Second Wind Wheat if you enjoy a good Hefe-weizen.

Bob 2:33 PM  

When you going?

Bob 2:36 PM  

When you going?

Smitty 4:00 PM  

About 8:30.

Bob 4:34 PM  

So how was it?

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