Nerds Versus Jocks

Monday, June 22, 2009

If you didn't see it, Author/Actor/Humorist John Hodgman gave the keynote address at Friday night’s Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner. He used it as a forum to discuss the age-old conflict: that between jocks and nerds.

As much as I like to think of myself as a jock...I understood way too many of Hodgman's references. Oh well.

Part 1:
And part 2:I love Hodgman. I think he's one of The Daily Show's funniest commentators. He has also written two of the funniest books I've read: The Areas of My Expertise and More Information Than You Require. He's appeared numerous times on NPR's Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me as well as on general interviews. It's unfortunate that most people only know him for his PC/Mac commercials.

And don't be shy. Admit it: you get all his references. Nerd.


Sopor 6:30 PM  

I am a GEEK. NOT a nerd... jock.

And we all know that Harfoots were the original Hobbits... DUH.

B Mac 8:06 PM  

I am ashamed to admit that I understood all of the political references, and NONE of the nerd references (other than the obvious Spock stuff).

For shame.

Mr Furious 12:14 PM  

Areas of My Expertise was great.

Mr Furious 12:29 PM  

I have now watched the videos...not quite as funny as I hoped, but a couple of pretty good moments.

Smitty 1:56 PM  

What was funnier was that Obama was in hysterics a few times, and flatly tried to deny that he knew the resident god of the Conan series. Whatever, Barack. You know. Nerd.

Mr Furious 12:39 PM  

It seems he apparently (off-screen) immediately flashed Hodgeman the Vulcan hand signal without hesitation.

I like that in a President.

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