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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another nod to Sopor for sending me some of Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company's Cowcatcher Red Ale (in keeping with the train theme of their beers). An American Amber/Red Ale is an extremely drinkable "session beer" that given its balance between hops and malt, with that scale tipped slightly towards malt, can please a palate beer after beer. Cowcatcher Red Ale does not disappoint, bringing drinkability in spades. I want more of this beer.
Cowcatcher poured a foamy, half-inch clear-white head The beer below it is a beautiful peach-red. It had a slight "fridge haze" from being kept cooler than I should keep it. As it warmed, it became crystal clear and infinitely inviting.

The armoa is exactly as it should be: big biscuity malt aroma up front and dominant along with a yeasty breadiness. Truly a loaf of bread in a glass! To balance, there is a tart and somewhat grassy hop presence throughout the aroma. It ends on a subtle but tasteful grainy note.

And then to the fun part: the drinking! The malt is here all day; this is a beer that despite a definite hop presence absolutely tends toward the malt. Cowcatcher, in that sense, is textbook. There are hops throughout, but in equilibrium with the malts. So many "American-style" beers can get overdone with the hops, but this beer keeps it right where it's supposed to be. Bready malt gives way to a rich caramel flavor. The hops at end end give the beer a citrusy sweetness that doesn't dry out the tongue. In fact, it entices you for more quafs.

Cowcatcher is medium-bodied with a level of carbonation that cleanses between drinks. No astringency, no buttery flavors. Just pure biscuity malt and squeaky-clean hops. Cowcatcher is a real pleasure to drink...one after another ad infinitum.

Thanks again Sopor. Great job on a beer that has been a real crowd-pleaser in the Smitty household.


George 10:53 AM  

Sounds delicious. Great write-up!

Bob 6:49 PM  

Initially, as I read, I thought meh. But as I read on I thought maybe it would work for me. Not liking all the over hopped beers, I will give it a shot.

Bob 6:50 PM  

We need to get Oadies to carry Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company beers.

Sopor 10:47 AM  

Yes Bob, yes we do... They can get it from M&M Distributors.

Really glad you liked this Smitty! This is one of our most popular ales, and one of the biggest sellers in bottles.

steves 7:28 PM  

Yes, we need to get it here. I almost stopped in Mt. Pleasant on the way back from the UP, but I have no idea where the brewery is.

Sopor 4:21 PM  

Oh no! I wish I had known you were looking for it! Here's the info for next time:

614 Pickard St
Mt Pleasant, 48858
Map courtesy of Yahoo
Facebook page

Sopor 4:25 PM  

By the way... You'll note that in the picture the label is not level. That's because we have to hand label every single bottle that gets shipped out!

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