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Saturday, September 12, 2009

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steves 9:45 AM  

Discuss what? That there is a great deal of hypocrisy among some on the right? There sure is, though I don't think that the left should be too smug, as there certainly is plenty to go around.

steves 3:34 PM  

It is pretty funny and I like this guy's work. This reminds me of a recent thread in another blog on Joe Wilson's rude comment during Obama's speech. Amidst the outrage were calls for him to resign and predictions that he would lose bad in the next election. I am not sure about that, considering that he won by a pretty big margin. The reality is that most people that voted for him may have not liked his outburst, but will probably vote for him again. Most of the people that were genuinely pissed at what he did probably wouldn't have voted for him anyway.

I am not trying to excuse bad behavior, but one of the problem with our two party system is that we often aren't left with much of a choice. Hypocrisy and ignoring bad behavior will live on as long this happens.

I grew up in the UP. One of our more famous Reps was Dominic Jacobetti (D-Negaunee). He served as a Rep from 1955 until his death in 1994 (the longest ever in the Michigan House of Representatives). Towards the end of his career there were a few scandals and, at least in the UP, this wasn't much of a surprise as most people knew that he had some other 'involvements' and questionable activities. Despite this, he got things done and was a tireless worker for the people in the UP. He brought in a lot of money and had a great deal of influence. He was also very approachable and won re-election easily every time his term was up. People were willing to overlook the bad things because of the good things he did.

Mr Furious 8:36 AM  

I'm with you steves. Calling for Wilson's removal is bullshit. Unless a representative is in clear violation of the law (or something far more serious than this) it should only be up to his constituency to decide his fate.

As for the "both sides do it" argument on hypocrisy, that's pretty weak sauce. It's not even close, and one side has a clear advantage in terms of the media and power of the message.

Hint: there's really no such thing as a "liberal media" anymore. Just one desperately overcompensating for fear of being labeled as such.

steves 2:49 PM  

It's not even close

I respectfully disagree, but concede that it is a matter of perspective and that it it is also impossible to measure. I am sure we could trade examples all day long, but I don't know that we would ever get close to an answer.

As for media bias, I think it depends on the issue. I also think that with all of the sources of news that it is becoming increasingly irrelevant. If I want to, I can finds dozens of "liberal" sources and dozens of "conservative" sources. I believe that perspective makes a huge difference, too.

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