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Monday, April 26, 2010

I like tabletop games. I like video games. I talk with undue passion about the intricacies of the beer brewing process. I am a nerd.

Some of my nerdly passions also include reading and discussing all things physics; black holes, baby universes, time travel and the like. Thus, I was thrilled when The Discovery Channel advertised that they are running a mini-series by Stephen Hawking. Aptly titled "Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking", the series gives Hawking a free hand to discuss what comes into that big brain of his from the origin of the Universe to alien life.

The show premiered last night. I DVR'ed it on hi-def, so I can't wait to crack into it tonight when I get home from my golf league. I love Hawking, I've read all his books, and I love the subject matter. Nothing stimulates my brain more than thinking about where we've been, where we came from and where we're going. And this, by all accounts, is the series that really delivers.


Bob 10:35 AM  

I hear he also predicts that ET's will one day come to earth and they won't be nice.

Smitty 11:36 AM  

he also predicts that ET's will one day come to earth

He does, but in his typical style, it is tongue-in-cheek. He makes a comparison between aliens finding earth and Columbus finding the New World...didn't work out so well for the natives! It was more a point of levity than it was a real prediction.

Jay 1:25 PM  

To be fair, I think he proposed it more as "if they come" than "they will come." Nature more often than not defaults to aggression when two previously unfamiliar forms of life meet, particularly if both are apex predators. I think it's a fairly safe prediction that an encounter with ETs would involve some amount of blood/ichor-shed.

Smitty 1:29 PM  

involve some amount of blood/ichor-shed

I love nerds. I am so happy to be surrounded by them. On how many blogs will you see the word "ichor?"

Jay 1:40 PM  

You asked for it:

Google sees 16 instances of "ichor" at

Seems like most are profile info, though. Interpret that as you will.

Smitty 1:50 PM  

Google sees 16 instances of "ichor" at

Slow day at work today?

"Oh, nothing guys. Just 27 tornados in Oklahoma today, and 40 across Texas. You know, ho-hum."

Bob 2:09 PM  

I had to google ichor, but if you said something about the invasion of beings with copper-based blood, then I would have understood.

Mr Furious 10:26 PM  

(Homer): NERDS!!!

I enjoyed the comments from Hawing regarding Europeans/natives in the brief news accounts I heard.

B Mac 11:20 AM  

I watched the time travel one, and part of some other one about the big bang...

Fricking amazing.

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