Why was Fred Phelps disbarred?

Friday, April 30, 2010

I knew he was disbarred, but never heard the reasons. I always assumed it was because he was an obnoxious asshole. The decisions can be found at State v. Phelps, 598 P.2d 180 (Kan. 1979) and In re Phelps, 459 P.2d 172 (Kan. 1969). From the first one:

Phelps has, by his conduct, shown that he does not have the proper concept of the obligations devolving upon an attorney requiring him to deal fairly and honorably with his clients, and enjoining him to demean himself in such manner as not to bring embarrassment to nor discredit upon his profession.

(h/t to Volokh)

I believe that one or more of his kids still practice law, but I wasn't able to find anything on them.


Rickey Henderson 7:20 PM  
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steves 7:48 PM  

I don't think that anything is named after Fred Phelps.

Smitty 8:59 PM  

I caught a documentary about him by a British guy. His daughter who runs the day-to-day operations is every bit as unapologetic as he is, and she is a lawyer. At least 2 of his grand-daughters are in law school as of the point of release of the documentary, if I remember correctly.

I will look for a link to that documentary. It was...eye opening.

steves 9:06 PM  

The daughter had a website for her practice, but it isn't up anymore. I can't believe any law school let them in, but there are plenty of schools that are happy to take your money.

The next time I build an outhouse I will name it after Phelps.

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