Tea Party's Maine Event

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

H/T to HuffoPo, the Maine Republican convention was quietly taken-over by Tea Party activists.

A majority of those present voted to abandon the "old" Republican platform and adopt the new 99-piece Tea Party platform.

A few gems:

- Return to the principles of Austrian Economics, and redirect the economy back to one of incentives to save and invest. [note: I suck at math and econ; thus, while I can't articulate why I think this is not the greatest idea in the world, I generally feel that way]

- Discard political correctness, make public the declaration of war (Jihad), made against the U.S. on 23 Feb 1998, and fight the war against the United States by radical Islam to win.

- Defeat Cap and Trade, investigate collusion between government and industry in the global-warming myth, and prosecute any illegal collusion.

Read the whole manifesto here.

The whole thing isn't exactly a bucket of crazy; some of what they say makes sense and is generally already supported by (I guess what I will now call) Reagan-era Republicans and even Democrats (like ditching the Fairness Doctrine). But there is some real crazy in it, like a sort of inordinate adherence to the 2nd amendment (how many times do you have to reinforce our right to bear arms, guys??) and the usual hype and conspiracy theory stuff about secret treaties with the U.N. And black helicopters. And microchips.


Rickey Henderson 12:43 PM  

Rickey calls your attention to section 1.h.ii. Reject LOST? These people don't know good television programming at all... such a shame.

Yeah, yeah, it's something about a law of the sea treaty that they're against because it would probably prohibit them from putting on their tin foil hats and hopping into dinghies to hunt down marxist penguins with rocket launchers.

You're being too kind to these wackos Smitty. Those few agreeable quotes you tossed up are boilerplate placating on their part. Sure there are always things they'll say that we agree with (the value of saving money, the merits of oxygen and sunlight, etc.) but these people are still fucked in the head, plain and simple.

Streak 3:49 PM  

Yeah, this is the problem for the Republican party right now. Instead of moving to the center, they are moving farther right and narrowing their base more and more. At some point, the basic demographic realities will make them either move back toward the middle or disappear into political party oblivion.

In the meantime, we are trying to find good policy with these idiots taking over the role of one of the major parties. Not good.

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