Around the Keg: The Upgrade

Saturday, July 17, 2010

As you can see, we have launched a new and improved Around the Keg. (ATK) We have a new look and are pleased to announce two new accomplished contributors to the site.

In coming editions you will read original content by Noble Prize winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. We are also thrilled to finally add conservative balance to the blog with commentary from right-wing pundit and former member of the American Enterprise Institute, David Frum.

Actually, the above paragraph is completely fabricated, but we really did buff this turd to a high-luster sheen.

You will see some improvements here at ATK.  In addition to the snazzy new logo at the top, we are adding some navigation aids to improve your reading experience.

Did you know that Smitty has over one hundred beer reviews? Of course not, they were impossible to sort through. It’s a fucking nightmare. Above, you will now find a handy link in a navigation bar.  The link will take you to a dedicated beer review page. In the coming days, this page will enable readers to sort by beer type to find a review of a beer they might enjoy, or maybe avoid. As Smitty re-labels his beer reviews, you will see more and more links added to the page to enable him to spread the gospel of good beer.

We also have additonal improvements coming in the coming weeks.

Of course you will continue to hear from the rest of us political hacks. From time to time we might actually discuss some public policy or legal experience worth reading. We will be leaving the beer reviews to Smitty though, because “cuts cotton mouth” is not an official BJCP characteristic of good beer



steves 2:45 PM  

Looks great. One minor point in regards to the About ATK section. As much as I enjoy being the contrarian, numerous political quizzes keep placing me left of center.

Monk-in-Training 4:43 AM  

Gentlemen, I congratulate you on your upgrade! I shall continue to enjoy perusing your site.

Bob 7:37 AM  


I made improvements.

Rickey Henderson 12:05 PM  

Not bad gents. The wider columns make you seem more scholarly and wizened!

Bob 12:47 PM  

You know what else they say about dudes with wide columns...

Streak 11:11 AM  

Damn. I love reading Krugman and you got my hopes up.

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