I fail to see how this will help

Sunday, July 18, 2010

In the past, I have made some minor efforts to defend the tea party movement. I find some of what they have to say persuasive, but for the most part, they come across as being a disjointed, angry, illogical mob. Some of the critiques of them are unfair, and in some cases, fraudulent. As a mostly independent voter, I love to see viable third party movements. In a perfect world, the tea party would dump the nutball rhetoric and find some think tank or intelligent conservative to act as a spokesperson.

In our not-so-perfect world, their biggest fans are Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Add to that mix, Michelle Bachmann. She has formed the Tea Party Caucus. Michelle is a prolific fund raiser and is very popular among some right wingers. Occasionally, she says something that I agree 100% with, but this is overshadowed by the dozens of ridiculous things she says. I am sure that most ATK readers are familiar with her work, but if you aren't, google "michelle bachmann quotes" and absorb the cognitive dissonance.

I don't know enough about Bachmann's District to say whether this will help her. I ill go out on a limb and say that I have a hard time seeing how this will improve the image of the tea party movement.


Mr Furious 2:00 AM  

The only thing Michelle Bachman has ever said that I agree with is "Medium." when asked what size soda with her combo meal.

She makes PAlin look semi-literate and somewhat honest by comparison.

steves 6:55 AM  

I do agree with her comments in regards to how current spending levels may be unsustainable, but that agreement is overshadowed by tin-foil hat stuff she spouts off.

Bob 7:41 AM  

Just because once in a while she might say: "the sky is blue" that doesn't earn her a:

"Occasionally, she says something that I agree 100%..."

We all know she doesn't give a shit about the constitution as it is written. She cares about it as she wants it interrupted and if that doesn’t work, she will be calling for amendment. Fiscal responsibility my ass. I would bet money she rarely if at anytime opposed a Bush budget.

Rickey Henderson 12:11 PM  

Rickey absolutely loves it when Steeves posts. Every article is something along the lines of "yeah, I've been a bit of Jeffrey Dahlmer fan in the past, but it's going to be interesting to see how the public reacts to this whole cannibalism thing."

Bob 12:46 PM  

Rickey –

Hysterical as usual.

steves 6:18 PM  

Ok Captain Hyperbole and Ad Hominem Man, my point was that there are plenty of people that support Bachmann and she has shown that she can raise even more money than Dahlmer. I was trying to understand why some are excited at this, but like I said, in the end, I think it isn't a help.

Rickey Henderson 7:21 AM  

Yeah, guilty as charged on both counts Steves.

Look, Rickey's snarky comment comes from his disbelief that you're actually trying to apply logic to these people. The "mad as hell" tea party crowd seems to have no legitimate beliefs other than the fact that they're "mad as hell" at pretty much anything and everything going on in this country.

Where were these people during the Bush administration when we were spending like drunken sailors, waging unnecessary wars, and poisoning our environment?

Suddenly a black guy gets elected president and this is no longer the country they love and cherish? Really? That doesn't scare you a bit? The Tea Party doesn't have an ethos. All they've got is thinly veiled hatred.

You say that this "isn't a help." A help to what exactly? What's the platform here? Do people like Bachmann really deserve our attention in the first place?

steves 9:04 PM  

All valid questions. I wouldn't vote for Bachmann if I lived in her district, but obviously she speaks for some people (unfortunately). I am not scared by the tea party, as I think they will fade away in due time.

Bob 10:55 AM  

If one is planning to vote in the Republican primary for Michigan Governor, you have your chance to make a statement about Bachman's Tea Party Caucus that Hoekstra just joined.


Streak 11:15 AM  

Isn't her appeal that she is hated by liberals and makes them angry? Isn't that the sum total of her appeal and the sum total of the philosophical depth of that part of the right?

Look at the response to the oil spill. Wasn't it Bachmann who accused Obama of both not using enough government intervention and also trying to take over the oil industry?

steves 7:51 AM  

Streak, I don't know. I wondered what her appeal was? Hoekstra joined the TP'ers? Cox, who I respected as an AG and thought had a sharp legal mind, has been portraying himself as a huge opponent of health care reform. There is no way I am going to vote for either of them.

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