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Friday, July 02, 2010

Take the Nolan Test.

In a comment over at Streak's Blog, Steve mentioned the Nolan Chart. This a political test that I had never taken until now. For those unfamiliar, it rates you politically, but not just along a left/right scale. Instead, it rates you on 2 axis as seen below. While my answers to the multiple choice questions did require some compromises, I cannot say I disagree with my results (pasted below) which shows me as a left of center, centrist.

Bob's Results:

How do you rate? Take the survey here.


Smitty 10:12 AM  

I tried to copy and paste my results, but it's not a unique page.

It said I was liberal, but acknowledged that my star rested almost exactly on the upper corner of "centrist" thus putting it in the centrist, liberal and libertarian spot. I am a liberal libertarian centrist.

Monk-in-Training 10:52 AM  

Well, I knew it! Just as I suspected, it appears that my lil star was in the Liberal category! ;)

Bet no one here thought that about me! hehe.

Bob 11:24 AM  

I used "Snag It" a program that takes a screen shot of a page to post my results. This is not possible in comments.

It seems you and I are are nearly the same from a right/left perspective, but I am slightly more comfortable with Government action. (I had to read what a "Statist" was on Nolan page to determin that.)


So much for the old Republican party being your party. You sir are now a firm hippie liberal.

Streak 2:08 PM  

My star lands right on the "r" in "liberal." Half way between statist and libertarian, and evidently, firmly in the liberal camp.

steves 8:32 PM  

Mine is right where Smitty's star was, which is not that big of a surprise.

Mike 2:55 PM  

Directly above the "L" in "Libertarian," right along the outer border.

Mr Furious 2:16 AM  

Squarely on the "r" in "liberal."

Shocking, I know.

Bob 7:34 AM  

"Squarely on the 'r' in 'liberal.'"

Damn Ann Arbor pinko.

George 12:09 PM  

Wow, just got to this. My star is at 10 o'clock from the L in Liberal. Totally left coast pinko, I guess.

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