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Monday, November 01, 2010

So for Halloween this year, rather than just a standard pumpkin, I decided to do something a little more special. Sure, everyone in the world has done the barfing pumpkin. It's fun and appealing for sure.

But in the spirit of Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen, I decided to do Cannibal Pumpkin!

I am already thinking of ideas for next year.  Maybe a Jesus Pumpkin, with eyes skyward, mouth  pensively prayerful, with 12 little gourds surrounding it?


Rickey Henderson 9:14 AM  

How about a weeping hysterical pumpkin Glenn Beck?

Smitty 10:33 AM  

Yes! Conservative Pundit pumpkin! I could hook a small waterfall in it, like one of those desktop jobbies, so it can cry real tears! Brilliant!

steves 6:59 AM  

Glenn is more of a raving lunatic. Maybe a pumpkin with tinfoil over the top.

Monk-in-Training 11:11 AM  

Don't forget one in a blue and white veil to envision Our Herbaceous Lady of the Cucurbitaceae!

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