How I Spent Veterans Day

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tomorrow, the Smitty clan heads to Chicago!

We leave in the morning after breakfast. We plan on the Mrs Furious-style locate-golden-arches-with-playlands for lunch and to let the kids blow-off some steam, then it's off to our hotel.

Mrs. Smitty has some close friends (kids and all, of course) who live South of Chicago, and our hotel is not far from either, so Thursday night looks like pizza party night! Big fun.

Friday starts with a visit to Shedd Aquarium. Though all three boys have been there before, the Wonder Twins were too little to remember! But Smitty Jr remembers it fondly. All the kids are geeked about seeing all the fish, and Jr has informed his brothers, to their delight, that there are sharks.

If Shedd goes well and the kids still have some energy, we'll head back to the hotel, rest, and visit The Kohl Children's Museum. It's a hands-on science/learning museum full of the stuff the Boys like to do: dig, poke, prod, etc.

Saturday we head to the Chicago Field Museum to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sue, the T Rex bones. Apparently, there are a lot of dinosaur exhibits built up around it in celebration of the 10th, and if there are 2 things the Smitty Boys enjoy, it's parties and dinosaurs.

We head back to Lansing Saturday evening, and surely handle 3 grumpy boys on Sunday, tired and over-stimulated from 2 days of sheer joy, surrounded by the stuff they love: Sharks, dinosaurs, and parties.


Mrs. Smitty 10:12 AM  

and by "too little to remember" he means in-utero.

Time and parent-patience permitting, there may also be a stop at Legoland. Someone told Jr. it existed and that's all he talks about now. And how he needs to go because his lego knights need buddies.

Jay 12:15 PM  

Uh oh, that might have been me, via Smitty. If we were a lot more organized, this would be us:

We have enough bricks...

Mrs. Smitty 11:45 AM  

No Jay, you are in the clear on this one. It was one of his teacher's at his KIDS care program. You'd think being a teacher of small children you'd know better than to plant an idea like that in their little brains!

But we did go to the Lego store on Michigan Ave, and his lego knights now have 6 new buddies and a bad guy wizard.

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