Monday, February 07, 2011

By far, the Smitty Household's favorite Superbowl ad was the Darth Vader ad:

Smitty Jr tries in vain every single day to move something or blow something up in our house using the force. The Wonder Twins, following suit, try it too. We officially have 2 Jedi-in-training in our house, and 1 Sith. Given the wry grins and classic "Eddie Haskell" attitude of one of the kids, though, I am fairly certain that one of the Jedi will very easily slip to the Dark Side given a little time. Up to those who know my kids to decide who is in training for what.


Bob 1:25 PM  

Where can I get me kid that nice of a Darth Vader costume? I think it is time to enter the world of Star Wars for my kids.

Love the commercial, but the car is lame. A VW's poor reliability with Toyota's bland looks = fail!

The ad would have also been way cooler if they started the car with an iPhone app like the Chevy Cruze advert.

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