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Thursday, February 03, 2011

I don't know when this speech was given, nor do I much care. It what he says to an Iowa legislative committee that counts:

The massively shitty thing is that despite this and probably many other speeches, the assholes still voted to add open discrimination to their constitution.


steves 10:53 AM  

I can't see the video at work and I will watch it when I get home. I can understand that various religions have restrictions against gays being married. Fine, you are entitled to believe what you want and to prohibit your own members from doing these things.

The reality is that there are a number of people that want to marry someone, adopt, etc. and are not being allowed. This is simply not fair and there is no rational basis to continue to deny people these rights. These restrictions can't end soon enough.

Bob 1:38 PM  

It is astounding that this kid is only 19. He should be running for President with that kind of speaking talent.

He made me tear up.

I too know a guy raised by 2 moms. Seems they did a pretty great job. I also have had a few gay families at my house. Their kids play with mine. After spending time with them no one with a straight face can say their families are anything but awesome.

Monk-in-Training 9:32 PM  

The young man would make any parent proud. I am totally impressed with him.

My cousin and her girlfriend raised 4 kids that biologically belonged to her drug addict brother and sister in law.

The kids did WAY WAY WAY better than if those lost bio parents would have raised them.

Too bad Texas would not let them make the relationship or their own legal.

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