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I got sick of looking at my post from last week, and the rest of you are apparently too apathetic or lazy to post anything, so this is an open thread.


Bob 10:13 AM  


steves 11:31 AM  

Lazy, busy, but not apathetic. I am utterly fascinated by what is happening in the mid-east. In the past, we would have seen western powers competing with the USSR to establish some kind of puppet government. This seems to be a genuine push toasted democracy. I am pissed that gas prices are going up. Our tenuous economy doest need this.

As for Wisconsin, I am dismayed that teachers and public employees are somehow being portrayed as selfish and greedy. From what I can tell, they aren't enjoying that much, in terms of salary and benefits. I hope sanity returns. Maybe the governor ca be recalled.

I am not really a fan of Rahm. Maybe this is undeserved, but I just don't find him to be all that decent of a guy. I keep hearing how he "fixed" the election or cheated to win. I suppose with the history of Chicago, that is plausible, but I doubt it. He poured a ton of money into campaign ads and ran an aggressive campaign. It isn't that much of a surprise that he won.

As for Michigan, I hope Snyder backs down on what he wants to do with the schools. I know I am pretty biased in this regard, but I believe that schools have already cut as much as they can. Nobody is going to want to send their kids to a public school if we keep gutting the funding. I hope the Dems can fight hard on this issue.

Bob 1:55 PM  

"I hope the Dems can fight hard on this issue."

If the Dems can't get their shit together and capitalize politically on a budget that cuts schools and cops while it taxes grandma and lowers taxes on business, then they cannot win on anything.

If I were considering a run for the State House against a sitting Republican, I would say 2012 is the year to do it.

Smitty 8:42 AM  


Monk-in-Training 7:57 AM  

Nobody is going to want to send their kids to a public school if we keep gutting the funding.

That is exactly the point.

The Billionaires want an even more uneducated populace....

TheRight Wing Christians want an even more uneducated populace....

Talk Radio wants an even more uneducated populace....

Just sayin. ;)

Streak 1:49 PM  

There does seem to be an organized attack on the middle class. I don't quite understand that, because a big middle class buys a lot of stuff.

Mr Furious 9:08 PM  

Apathetic about sums it up. Events of the last month or so have gotten me almost riled up enough to start up the blog.

I can barely even read BJ anymore. We're fucked and I'm losing the capacity to care.

Full disclosure: I'm presently under the weather and that ain't helping.

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