Barack Obama: Constitutional Scholar, Patriot, President,...Brewer?

Monday, March 07, 2011

I am surprised that Smitty did not find this first.

Charles Dharapak/AP via NPR
It seems that President Obama has raised his beer standards since drinking a whole bunch of Bud Light on the campaign trail in 2007 and 2008.

According to NPR, Obama has been giving some micro brewed beer as gifts to world leaders, including a gift of “Goose Island's Urban Wheat 312 beer to British Prime Minister David Cameron last summer.” I am not a big fan of 312. He could have done better.

From: Obamafoodorama
Still, I would love to read a Smitty review of Obama’s upcoming White House Honey Ale. Maybe we should campaign for a bottle.

Read more at NPR.

H/T – Streak


Smitty 2:16 PM  

I am surprised that Smitty did not find this first.

Argh! If you look in the "drafts" part of Blogger, I was drafting this. Dang it. You beat me to it.

I am not a big fan of 312. He could have done better.

True...but Goose Island is a native Chicago brewery.

Bob 2:41 PM  

I see no draft slacker.

Goose island might be Chicago made, but I bet there are a bunch of other Chicago brews.

Smitty 3:12 PM  

If he really wanted to impress, he shoulda gone with Goose Island's Matilda.

Bob 3:35 PM  


I heard you switched to drinking root beer and wine.

That explained why we haven't seen a beer review since October.

Smitty 5:48 PM  

Oh fuck you.

Truth be told, the reviews are hard to do and take time. I am not drinking any less beer; but with 3 boys now in extra-curricular activities like sports, there are some Thursdays whereby a beer is all I want, and to write forever about it that same night just seems unappealing. It may be now that beer reviews happen on different nights instead of always Thursday p.m./Friday a.m.

I also got a book for Christmas that has renewed the way I want to handle beer on ATK. It's 1001 Beer You Must Taste Before You Die. I am sorta on a mission....but first, should list the massive amounts of them in the book I have already had!

Anyway, I knew eventually you'd give me shit for skipping reviews, and deservedly so. I just needed to to start doing them when I really felt it. The Old Way was getting so rote and stale to me.

Blah blah blah drink beer.

steves 9:40 PM  

That sounds like a very worthy mission!

Bob 8:14 AM  

"...but with 3 boys..."

'Nuf said.

Streak 3:05 PM  

Oh, the spirited give and take of the beer blog. :)

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