High Holy Day

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Please observe ATK's official Highest Holy Day of the Most Extreme Magnitude as wildly as possible, with as much abandon as you can.

Please be safe. Don't be a douche. And if you drink green beer, you will be kicked off the site.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Bob 7:43 AM  


Monk-in-Training 3:25 PM  

This evening, on my way to feed the homeless, I will stop in at a local Irish pub and raise a Guinness. Just a wee drop of the creature to remember my Irish roots and to fortify my soul on the way down to the inner city.

† for Christ and St. Patrick!

steves 8:10 PM  

Patrick was my confirmation name.

; )

Bob 7:32 AM  

My father's ancestors stopped by Ireland for a generation after leaving Scotland only to decide it was time to leave for America.

That makes my a tiny bit Irish.

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