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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have now completed the 63-day Insanity workout.  It was...difficult. Boot Camp difficult.  Brought back some memories of extreme physical exhaustion.

But it also brought back memories of what it was like to achieve.  To persevere.  To push and push, and hit a barrier and push past it.  God damn that feels good.

The result?  24 pounds.  I started a fat-assed 219.  I have finished a slightly-chubby 195!  My goal...where I wanted to be by August - 190 - is a mere 5 pounds away.  I think I can make it.

Jesus, this is nuts.  Shit that hurt to wear last summer fits great.  Shirts hang on me without clinging to my over-extended gut any more.  I spent 2 hours playing football with neighborhood 10 year olds, sprinting like a madman.  6 hours later, I did a 59-minute Insanity workout.  2 hours after that, I was doing high-knee runs and duck walks through a swimming pool for 2 hours playing with my boys.  Folks, I couldn't have done that last summer.  I could have done 30 minutes of one of those.  Not all 3.

The improvement in the murderous "Fit Test" exercises is nothing short of remarkable:

  • Switch Kicks (like a karate front-kick, hopping from leg to leg, 2 kicks = 1 rep) - Day 1: 43, Day 63: 70.
  • Power Jacks (jumping jacks, but land in a squat and jump up from there) - 42 - 58
  • Power Knees (Muay Thai-style ab-centric knee lift) - 62 - 117
  • Power Jumps (start in squat, jump up, lifting knees to waist-height, land in squat) - 30 - 58
  • Globe Jumps (squat jump right, back, left, forward, all 4 directions = 1 rep) - 9 - 13
  • Suicide Jumps (you know this from football) - 20 - 24
  • Push-Up Jacks (push ups, but as you go down, spread your legs, as you push up, jump them back together) - 33 - 45
  • Low-Plank Oblique (hold a low-plank, lift 1 leg up sideways, bring to your elbow, repeat on the opposite side, 2 crunches = 1 rep) 34 - 51.
Gobs of YouTube vids exist for each of those if you want a visual.  Some folks have better form than others, but you'll get the idea.

You have 1 minute for each exercise, 1 minute rest in between.  Look at that growth!  An look at what it shrank!

I fucking earned this shit.  I feel great.  I feel energetic and powerful.

Now?  6-8 weeks of Crossfit again (which I can hit harder now!), and then maybe P90X or TapoutXT!  I can't be stopped!!


steves 9:12 AM  

Well done. Impressive!

Chris of Rights 9:34 AM  

Awesome. I'm on Day 32 of P90X myself.

Bob 10:11 AM  

I have a box. I suck.

Rickey 5:38 PM  

Normally Rickey would deliver the snarky "self improvement is mastubstion" line but goddamned good for you Smitty. Rickey could afford to shed 15 pounds himself and has heard good things about P90X... plus exercise increases blood flow to the brain which is always a bonus.

Mystery Girl 9:11 PM  

It is really an impressive one.

Beer Keg hire

Bob 9:56 PM  

WTF. Rickey?

Bob 9:57 PM  

WTF. Rickey?

steves 7:16 AM  

I agree, Bob.

WTF Rickey?!?!

Smitty 7:46 AM  

I was astonished. He lives!!

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