MBC: The Ongoing Saga

Thursday, May 31, 2012

First, news came that MBC was suddenly evicted from their brewery in Webberville.  That was April 25.

But all seemed well, because they had a sweetheart lease deal to move to Fenton to be a part of Fenton's revitalization efforts.  That was April 26.

However, that same day, from a different reporter at LSJ, news came that the deal between the City of Fenton and MBC fell through.

The fate of MBC, and its downtown pub, is still unknown to this blogger.  The downtown pub is still open for business, and still serving beer (though they now won't do growler refills or sell bottles to go); there's still some stock floating around at distributors.

But what about the City of Fenton and their thirst for a brewery?

It's gotten competitive!  Arbor Brewing (Ann Arbor, MI), Royal Oak/Detroit Beer Company (Royal Oak, MI), Clarkston Union (a big high-end like 100-tap beer bar), and Tavern 131 (same kind of thing) have all pitched Fenton for that spot.  Fenton officials will weigh several factors, including how well the candidate has revitalized the town in its current location.  My money's on Arbor/Corner Brewery!

More as I know it!

Also...today's workout of the day - the Helton.
3 rounds, each round consisting of:

  • Run 800m
  • 30 reps @ 30# dumbbell squat-cleans
  • 30 Burpees
  • Rest 1 minute
My thighs hurt.  Stairs kinda sucked this morning.


steves 9:28 AM  

WTF, Fenton sucks. I am selfish and want stuff closer to me. Seriously, I have been to Fenton several times and don't see the appeal at all.

Smitty 10:28 AM  

Seriously, I have been to Fenton several times and don't see the appeal at all.


Which is why Fenton is working so hard to not be quite so...Fenton-like.

Bob 11:43 AM  

"My money's on Arbor/Corner Brewery!"

Until Fenton reads the newspaper about Arbor Brewing hosting fundraisers for...

GASP! Planned Parenthood!

Anonymous,  11:25 PM  
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