Beer Fights Colds

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not all the news I read this week is depressing. A study done in Japan shows that compound found in beer has anti-viral properties.

In research with scientists at Sapporo Medical University, the compound -- humulone -- was found to be effective in curbing the respiratory syncytial (RS) virus, said the company, which funded the study.


Bob 9:29 AM  

I chase Zicam with beer. Works every time.*

* Disclaimer - Author is not a doctor, nor does he actually mix medications with alcoholic beverages. Don't do it dickwad.

Bob 12:31 PM  

Wait a minute. "Sapporo University"?

Like Sapporo, the Japanese beer brand? Is this a spoof?

steves 1:35 PM  

It is a public medical school that was founded in 1950. It seems real.

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