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Thursday, December 13, 2012

I don't know if this looks stupid or cool - maybe both - but it has big robots smashing big monsters, so my lizard brain likes it.

Pacific Rim Official Trailer by teasertrailer


steves 4:33 PM  

Yeah, it looks kind of stupid, but I will see it ; )

We should have an ATK movie night and go see it in 3D.

Bob 4:45 PM  

I like the idea of movie night, god knows, my wife won't go see that thing. Not sure I dig the 3D thing though.

Now if only a local theater served beer...

steves 9:21 PM  

I took a film class as an undergrad and we would sneak 40's into class to help enjoy the movies.

We don't have to see the 3D version. I am positive my wife won't see this movie.

Smitty 10:56 AM  

This movie is absolutely the kind of brainless, over-acted drivel totally need right now.

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