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Friday, December 07, 2012

So-called Right to Work legislation passed the legislature today.  Bills from the House and Senate cleared in tight margins, and each need one more vote next week.

States with Right to Work laws, bastions of economic progress like Mississippi and Alabama, tend to have lower wages, less robust health care coverage, and higher unemployment.  They have an increase in workplace injury.  A decrease in education and living standards.

Somehow, Right to Work is part of Michigan's reinvention, from a Governor who stated he was against it (but is now obviously for it).

No, Right to Work doesn't break-up a union.  It doesn't make them "illegal."  But it does undo them; worker by worker, benefit by benefit they can no longer afford to fight for, it erodes unions.  Right to Work becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy; all you have to do is erode a union and then point to how ineffective unions are.

At the risk of melodrama:

I fought and bled and generations of Marines died for my right to call myself a Marine.  Being a Marine  is not only something I had to earn with toil, but you have to keep earning it, beyond death.  I know what it is to earn something with blood.

Generations ago, workers who tried to organize were arrested, shot, beaten and killed.  Unions exist now on blood shed then.  Unions and the protections they grant were earned in blood.

When someone wants to take something away or diminish something that is earned in blood, it's a disgrace.  It's an insult.  It's a willful slight to the sacrifices of the past.

And for what?

Please someone say "the unions are their own worse enemy."  You can earn that statement with blood...


Smitty 11:23 AM  

Here's another example:

Some folks have taken the statement that unions were started by people who sacrificed their lives and said 'well, those folks earned their place, but these current generations haven't; they're acting entitled.'


That's good to know. The freedom I earned in the military is mine. The rest of you fucks are acting entitled to something you never earned.

Bob 11:48 AM  

A UAW guy explained it this morning in this way:

"Making union membership voluntary with the expectation that non dues payers receive equal representation is like making citizenship voluntary with non-citizens exempt from taxes while expecting equal services."

That's a sense of entitlement.

Smitty 12:02 PM  

Send that to Dave Agema immediately.

Bob 2:29 PM  

So in the last year:

Michigan business taxes have been reduced to near zero, with only the largest corps paying anything.

The item pricing law is gone.

The personal property tax will be eliminated.

Now "right to work".

What more will these businesses want?

Do we need to start paying them to do buisness here?

steves 5:03 PM  

Snyder and the Michigan GOP are just straight up, conniving dickheads. They drafted this legislation back in 2011 and knew it wasn't going to be popular, but waited until after the election to cram it down our throats with no discussion. I am sure they are hoping voters forget about it in two years.

Unions get a bad rap these days. Everyone seems to have a "cousin" or a "friend" that belongs to a union. They probably make $120/hour to take naps and scratch their butt for a job...and the union will protect them no matter what. Funny thing is, I seriously doubt these people really exist.

I worked a union job and my wife does right now. Neither of these unions (MEA and the UAW) protected shitty workers. They just demanded that management follow written policy and treat people fairly.

For the past 24 years, I have always voted on the issues and typically voted a mixed ticket, voting for some Democrats and some Republicans. Not his time. If the Michigan GOP is going down this road, then they can kiss my support goodbye.

Bob 7:34 PM  

Amen Steve. Let the hatred flow through you and give you power.

Smitty 11:55 PM  

We love you, Steve.

steves 7:26 AM  

I have always had some level of respect for both parties and could find issues that I agreed with Democrats and Republicans.

This is just too much to let slide.

As an aside, I knew that Snyder was going to be an asshole. People get duped into voting for an outsider. You know what you get when you vote for an outsider? Someone that does whatever they want and you have no idea what will happen. They have no track record that you can look back on.

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