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Friday, April 19, 2013

Co-opting a theme from long-time beer buddy Mr. Furious, I present to you this week's Dick of the Week:

To do what with, Nate?  Cuddle it close like a blankie?

I think law enforcement is doing a fine job.


A close second-place Dick of the Week.


Bob 4:02 PM  

I look forward to the day when I can be the liberal dick of the week.

Streak 4:21 PM  
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steves 4:33 PM  

I miss the DOW.

That being said, there seems to be no shortage of people trying to exploit this event to promote whatever they believe.

MSNBC blamed the NRA. Heck, even Streak wasn't blaming the NRA for this event.

steves 4:34 PM  

Bob, you can be the dick next week, but I get it the week after.

Streak 4:37 PM  

Heck, even Streak wasn't blaming the NRA for this event.

That may be the nicest thing you have said in months. :)

steves 5:01 PM  

You are welcome. I know you don't like the NRA, but at least you only blame them for things that could plausibly be connected to them.

steves 5:35 PM  

As an aside, while I think the police are doing a good job, it was just reported that they lost the suspect and don't know where he is. Considering that they have killed one cop and severely wounded another in their escape, it is safe to say that they are very dangerous.

I don't know if I would cuddle with an AR, but I would probably stay home and have something close. This guy isn't going to be taken alive.

Jay 6:14 PM  

I was thinking of commenting earlier, but did not want to move the DOW post into serious territory. But now that steve has offered his aside, here goes:

I wonder if steve and streak would agree that the comment, even accounting for its dickshness, is an example of the undesirable side of the gun culture. My guess is that they would agree because this person is suggesting that people who otherwise would want nothing to do with guns would, when they are in lockdown in their homes with their families, feel better and (and by inference be safer) if they had an AR with a hi-capacity magazine with them.

I know _I_ would not feel better/safer in that situation because, having never fired a gun in my life, I am almost certain I would be more likely to hurt myself or my family than to keep out any would-be home invaders. And the chances of these guys invading my home would still be incredibly small (based on the number of homes and people in the area). So this would, I believe, make me at least a little (and perhaps quite a lot) less safe.

For an experienced operator, sure, it might be different (in the vast majority of cases, it would not affect their safety at all, it would just make the operator feel safer). But a comment like this, in addition to being dick material, also represents a clear lack of understanding from this particular gun enthusiast of how non-gun enthusiasts think.

And I guess I would also predict that streak and steve will diverge on the question of what percentage of gun enthusiasts would agree that this guy's comment is spot on, and therefore would be guilty of the same lack of understanding.

/shit stirring

Streak 6:27 PM  

I suspect that Steve and I both agree that people who don't want, nor are familiar or comfortable with guns should not get them.

Where we seem to disagree is the recognition that the NRA seems to tell people that their only choice for security is a gun.

Jay 6:29 PM  

Yeah, I know you disagree on the NRA role. I was wondering if this comment represents common ground in the "gun culture war".

steves 8:49 PM  

I think that guy was/is a dick. His comment was stupid, insensitive, and rude. In effect, he was saying that liberals in Boston somehow deserve to be scared.

They don't. I disagree with people that support gun control, but I don't wish them harm, nor do I wish them to be scared or live in fear.

Unfortunately, there are people in this discussion that use this kind of rhetoric, though to be fair, I heard the same thing from some of the anti-gunners (though not here or at Streaks) that essentially wised bad things would happen to "the NRA" and they would get what they deserved.

Streak 9:47 AM  

Yes, one of the other points of disagreement between Steve and I is about this idea of the gun culture. Steve seems to read that as anyone who likes guns. For me, it is this dick and so many others who brandish their guns in people's faces and mock those who don't like guns. It is that culture that encourages people who should not have guns to, in fact, get armed and ready. The NRA tells people that government is bad and ineffective and so their only choice is to arm themselves. If they don't want to, according to gun culture, they will simply die in their homes.

I think that sucks and is detrimental to society. And I think that the other side of that is you get people who relish the idea of owning their gun and using it to scare someone. This is how you get my neighbor down the street firing his weapon in the street for a $100 microphone, endangering my friend across the street and a block away from a grade school. That is the kind of gun culture that the NRA political face (not the trainers) ignore. Their answer is more guns, period.

steves 12:05 PM  

I think you are talking about the idiot gun culture or the culture of criminal misuse of guns. I think you are only looking at one segment of gun owners. It would be like looking at gangster rap of the early 90's and saying that was "black culture."

Streak 12:12 PM  

But my point is that many of these are not criminals yet. They may become them. but they are the people who are irresponsible and I suspect they are more than you want to admit.

And even if it is a small group, they are loud and obnoxious, and the NRA puts them on their board rather than trying to discourage such behavior.

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