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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On a whim, on one of my favorite blogs (It's Okay To Be Smart), I decided to take the science test offered at a link in one of Joe's posts.

My result:

13 out of 13.

I outscored 93% of the test-takers.

I am not writing this to brag or pat myself on the back.

I am writing this because if somebody gets any one of these questions wrong, it's no wonder we lag the way we do in our science scores.  I expected to get the score I did, because the questions are so easy, I'm pretty sure Smitty Jr knows the answers. Everyone on this blog will get 13 of 13.

Seriously:  "Lasers work by focusing sound waves.  True or false."  That kind of stuff.

But the bulk of test-takers got between 3 and 6 wrong.  And the 1% that got 0 or 1 question correct...I hope they are still in elementary school, or trolls.

Take the test.


Bob 1:18 PM  

Really glad I got 13 correct after that set up, or you would have really made me feel like a moron.

Jay 1:50 PM  

Cool, 13 out of 13. I get to keep being a scientist.

Smitty 3:23 PM  

I get to keep being a scientist.

You shoulda got 14 out of 13.

steves 3:39 PM  

13 out of 13.

Not bad for someone who hasn't had much science since HS and graduated from a school in the UP.

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