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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We've now discussed politics, guns, and now religion on ATK.

Anything else to ruin our family Thanksgiving dinner?


Bob 11:25 AM  

We need a good abortion discussion.

I for one believe we should have federally funded abortion clinics on every corner, where women of any age can get one free at any time during a pregnancy without doctors supervision or parental permission.

Smitty 12:18 PM  

Trickle-down economics. Tax cuts to the rich! All the proletariat buying washing machines and cheap cars pales in comparison to the multiple homes, yachts, and high-end cars 1 single rich person can buy. Multiple homes alone...that's grounds keepers, valets, maids, nannies, all in *each home*. Please. Middle Class Tax Cuts. Stalin called. He wants his brand of Communism back.

steves 2:31 PM  

Ha, I have enjoyed the discussions. If only my Thanksgiving dinners were so interesting.

Bob 3:00 PM  

My Thanksgiving dinners suck as is. No 'effin way I want to talk politics.

Jay 4:12 PM  

I was amused to read recently that "retention rates" among non-religious families are lower than among religious families. That would make for some interesting inverted Thanksgiving religion discussions.

"You believe in WHAT now?!!"

Bob 7:12 AM  

Jay- Do you mean non-religious families are more likely to remain in their religion of birth than the most religous families?

Jay 9:39 AM  

Bob - No. The report I saw suggested that the percentage of kids raised in non-religious families who become religious adults is larger than the percentage of kids raised in religious families become non-religious adults.

Smitty 11:25 AM  

And some of you gave me so much shit about taking my kids to church and Sunday School.

Vindication. Statistically. We'll see, I guess.

Bob 12:04 PM  

I have also read - somewhere - that a child raised without a religious education is more likely to join a radical religion.

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