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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If you are here, reading my blog, and haven't voted yet, go vote.

Then come back and read my astounding wit and wisdom. Until then, you are not allowed to read my blog until you vote.

I'll blog later with thoughts and general punditry.

Go vote.

Live in Michigan and don't know your polling location? Go here.


Mike 12:10 PM  

I voted. Now commence with the wit & wisdom.

Mike 12:53 PM  

Comment on my blog from a fellow Michiganer:

When I went to vote this morning, we had a new kind of paper ballot that you mark with a felt pen, then feed the sucker into an optical scanner on top of a bin. The scanner scans the ballot and the physical ballot drops into the bin.

I quizzed the only election official present who seemed to know what the damn thing was and she said it wasn't connected to Diebold in any way. But it did have computer parts. Admitted maybe it could be hacked.

Wonderful, huh?

Smitty 1:43 PM  

Yup. That's exactly the type of ballot I have used for the past maybe 3 elections. There are borken arrows, and you fill-in the arrow of the candidate you want. What can MAYBE be hacked on this machine is simply to code it to refuse to recognize a mark on the page. In other words, you could pre-program it to acknowledge arrows for one candidate as arrows for another. A bit of a stretch, but not necessarily outside what a truly evil person with some time on their hands.

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