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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So here I am at home with my kid in bed as my wife galavants from victory party to victory party. Couldn't get a sitter. So I have CNN, NPR, Fox, and my computer on all at once. This is a real war room over here, covered in scraps of paper and empty beer bottles. It smells vaguely of sweat and fart.

At about 8:15, my buddy in Colorado called. Apparently, all of the voting computers in Denver shut down. He stood in line for 2 hours. As of right now, as I type this, they are still down. Voters in Denver have gone home.

9:23 CNN calls the Stabenow - Bouchard race in Michigan. Debbie apparently retains her seat. I think it's a little easrly since the good numbers aren't in yet.

9:40 My buddy Hoss from Colorado calls. Screams into the phone (that's just his natural tone of voice) that he thinks Dems take 7 Senate seats (I said 5) and 32 House seats (I said 22) on the federal level. Well, with Santorum and a few others down, that really leaves Montana as the big swing, maybe Tennessee. He says Dems take those 2, plus Colorado, putting them at 7. I tell him to go smoke more rope.

9:52 The supporters of the K-16 ballot initiative in Michigan concede defeat. Prop 2, the anti-affirmative action initiative, is still too close to call.

10:07 In Michigan, it seems Republicans on the state level have conceeded a few of the seats they thought they'd lose, but are retaining some of the seats that were in danger. Looks like state house/senate may be a wash...

10:15 On my 3rd Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. 21% ABV, by the way. It's getting hard to type.

11:00 Dems in the Michigan House stand to gain 4 seats. Jesus.

11:14 Make that 5.

11:45 6? Fuck off.

12:10 So, on the national level, I see that Dems have 18 of the 15 needed for the House and 3 of the 6 for the Senate. I never thought that the national-level grumpiness would ever have trickled down to the state level.

1:06 Hammered. Going to bed.


S.W. Anderson 2:33 AM  

Looks like an angry electorate and hard-charging Dems exceeded your expectations, racking up a 35-seat lead in the House and within spittin' distance of winning the Senate. Don't know if the Senate outcome will be available tonight, but it's so close, even if Republicans keep control, they won't be able to roll over the Dems the way they've grown accustomed to doing.

Good deal, in other words.

wife,  12:05 PM  

Your wife appreciates your sacrifice in staying home with the kid while she galavants to parties with her house colleagues. Damn good time - up 6 seats in the Michigan House! who would have thunk it?

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