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Thursday, October 11, 2007

As expected, Leon Drolet announced his list of recall candidates this morning, as reported in MIRS:

Today, Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) leader Leon DROLET said that there will be 10 initial recall efforts launched against lawmakers over the next few days in response to the recent 2008 budget deal - which included a tax hike and tax expansion.

The list includes five Republicans and five Democrats who voted for the tax increase/expansion measures - three GOP Senators and some surprises - particularly the fact that the list includes House Speaker Andy DILLON (D-Redford Twp.) and Senate Education Committee Chair Wayne KUIPERS (R-Holland).

In addition to Dillon and Kuipers the initial recall attempts will be launched against: Rep. Steve BIEDA (D-Warren), Rep. Marc CORRIVEAU (D-Northville), Rep. Robert DEAN (D-Grand Rapids), Rep. Ed GAFFNEY (R-Grosse Pointe Farms), Rep. Mary VALENTINE (D-Muskegon), Rep. Chris WARD (R-Brighton), Sen. Valde GARCIA (R-Howell) and Sen. Gerald VAN WOERKOM (R-Muskegon).

And while I am happy that my boss is not on the black-list, I am still disgusted by the whole thing. I'll post more about this in the near future when I'm less busy.

*** UPDATE ***

Okay, I'm back to bitch some more. My problem with this whole thing is very simple:
  • Voters selected Representatives to make decisions for them.
  • Representatives made decisions for them.
  • Voters got pissed.


Everyone knows the rules to this particular game; every two years, the voters in a district pick a person as their representative. Any person. It's entirely up to them. Think the guy in office right now is doing a good job? Vote for him again. Think your drunk-ass neighbor with the mullet could do a better job? Tell your friends to support him. Want to vote for a trained chimpanzee? Knock yourself out. But once that person is picked, that's your guy for two years.

Of course, voters don't always make a wise decision. The person they pick might turn out to be a complete liar. Or an idiot. Or a dick. Or they might just not see eye-to-eye with their constituents often enough. That's why the system has a built-in return policy. Don't like it? Bring it back after 730 days for a full refund.

Simple rules. Clear-cut. Did these people not get the memo? Am I out here in left field, or do people agree with me?


steves 12:30 PM  

There is also some stupid online effort to recall the governor. I am not a huge fan of her, but I can't say that she has done anything deserving of a recall.

Smitty 3:25 PM  

This is Leon playing kingmaker. For a group of far-left Kool-Aid drinkers.

mrs. smitty,  8:54 AM  

Amen BMac. Thanks to Leon there's nothing like long walks on cold days to bother voters. Want to car pool?

steves 12:16 PM  

What do you have against mullets?!?

Seriously, while I am frequently critical of gov't officials and am not all that excited about the tax increase, I will concede that it had to be done. I feel that recalls should be used sparingly and this is not one of the times. Recalls, in some way, remind me of ballot initiatives (I hate those, too), in that they are kind of like direct democracy, which is not the form of gov't that we are supposed to have.

Colin 6:38 PM  

Can't agree more.

I'm honestly not happy with the tax increase, honestly not happy with our Governor, not too happy with our legislature.

However, they did their job right? We've got a working government, even if it was brought back in the 11th hour (plus or minus two hours ;-).

Absolutely no need for a recall. I'll express my unhappiness over taxes with my vote next time around.

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