How to Beat Your Wife

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Continuing with the Mid-East theme, here is a video on the rules for beating your wife. Don't hit her in the face, don't leave bruises or draw blood, don't do it front of your kids. In other words, don't leave any evidence. While we certainly had this happen in our country's history, I find it appalling that this is still acceptable in some places.


Smitty 10:26 AM  

Interesting tag you gave this one" culture. Maybe lack thereof.

I see, though, that this guy saying this is akin to the old-school Mormons who think it's okay to marry a load of women or force arranged marriages with younger girls. They're still out there, but few, far-between and dying-off quickly.

steves 12:22 PM  

You don't even need to go all that far back in our own culture to a time when this would have been acceptable. I'd like to think it is disappearing, but it seems to be acceptable in a fair number of places (and other religions).

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