Beer Prices to Rise!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I can handle $3.00 a gallon gas and another 6% to get my palm read, but for God's sake when will it end?

Now beer is going up?


Colin 8:07 AM  

All the more reason to buy Local! Woohoo!

Yea, ingredient increases suck... but I think Craft Brewers will get Crafty and be just fine! We may see less and less "specialty" stuff, even things like a pure Simcoe Hopped ale or something as brewers may use lower volumes of more bitter hops. We'll see!

The cost of shipping and packaging beer definitely benefits the local brewpubs, especially if they offer kegs and growlers. Craft drinkers might be more likely to drink their locals then that really good IPA from Delaware or something...

Colin 8:45 AM  

well I should clarify... by "benefits the local brewpubs" I really meant "does less harm to the local brewpubs"

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