My Three Sons

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

So the news is back, and it's official. The twins will be boys!

Mrs. Smitty now lives alone with me and 3 sons (or what in May will become three sons...just 1 right now).

We realize that for centuries, people have been having kids without knowing what they'll be before they're born. But with ultrasounds, we figure that it was unfair for the doctor and some random tech to know what we were having and not us. Plus, if technology allows it, we'll do it (I can't wait for bionic body parts...).

Though we are in the process of selecting names for the next three inductees into my growing army of Darkness, I am happy to look at suggestions. Please, don't suggest your own name unless it is the awesomest name ever.

So Happy New Year to everyone, and we'll keep you posted about what are apparently our efforts to field an entire hockey team in one family.


Mrs. Smitty,  7:14 PM  

Please note Bert & Ernie, Good & Plenty, Tomax & Xamot and Tito & Jermaine have already been suggested.

Mike 6:57 AM  


May want to buy Mrs. Smitty a jar of estrogen, or something else to keep things in balance for future days like the Super Bowl or Comedy Movie marathons on cable.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 8:43 AM  

"Please, don't suggest your own name unless it is the awesomest name ever.

Dammit! Bob is out.

Considering the Smith family already has Noah and Isaac, I think the unique biblical names trend must continue.

I suggest Titus and Zebadiah.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 8:45 AM  

Forgot to mention:

Congrats to Smitty and condolences to Mrs. Smitty.

Smitty 8:54 AM  

Titus and Zebediah? I was thinking there should be a Mordechai in there somewhere.

B Mac 10:02 AM  

Congratulations, Smitty clan!

Too bad you're not having a boy and a girl. You could name the girl Denise, and the boy Denephew.

Rickey Henderson 10:39 AM  

Congrats Smitty. You have indeed sewn your seed well.

Sopor 10:52 AM  

Congrats you two!

And Mrs. Smitty... it won't be that bad! My poor mum was stuck with three guys in the house (unless you count the cats, which made it 6) and she managed just fine!

"selecting names for the next three inductees into my growing army of Darkness"

Three? Is there something else I missed?

Speaking of missed, this holiday season has been a bit tough on my schedule, meaning that I have had NO time to sit and enjoy a beer in the quiet of my own home and get a review down. But alas, next week I will be back with a new one from Lagunitas!! And, I'll be at the pre-grand opening BA Party at the Hopcat in Grand Rapids on the 10th and will (hopefully) have lots of good to say about that!

Smitty 11:33 AM  


Next Thursday? When? I'd love to come...should I RSVP on BA?

George 2:54 PM  


I hope this works, depending upon the name of your current son (but if he's young enough you can change it): Manny, Moe, and Jack.

Don't you want you're own Pep Boys?

Smitty 3:26 PM  

Three? Is there something else I missed?

No. I should clarify. There's me. I am presumably male. We have 1 kid now, Isaac, a.k.a "Smitty Jr." 2 more in May makes 3 kids, with a total of 4 testosterone factories that Mrs. Smitty will have to put up with.

Jules 6:08 PM  

Well I once knew someone who went by "tedwardo the awesomest" - is that awesome enough??

Congrats on your twins. Happy life!

Sopor 8:06 AM  

Smitty, I don't believe that you HAVE to rsvp, but it can't hurt to pipe up and let Mark (Sellers, the owner of Hopcat) know that you're planning on being there. He says he'll know who is a BA and who is not, but he didn't say how...

I'm at work and is blocked (by me, as I'm the network admin, but I've got to do work some time...) so I'll have to shoot you the link @ lunch, or you can just look through the Great Lakes forum for threads on Hopcat.

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