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Sunday, February 17, 2008

So Mr. Furious just tagged me with another meme. This one is interesting in that it reveals what you're reding right now.


1. Grab the nearest book (that is at least 123 pages long).
2. Open to p. 123.
3. Go down to the 5th sentence.
4. Type in the following 3 sentences.
5. Tag five people.

So here's mine:

Its wide central dorway could be opened to reveal a tableau, such as bloody Clytemnestra standing over the savaged bodies of Agamemnon and Cassandra. For such a display, the actors were wheeled through the double doors on a platform called an ekkyklema (roller). Another machine, called a mechane, was a sort of crane that swung an actor playing a god over the parapet of the skene and out above the stage (thus the Latin phrase deus ex machina for a solution from nowhere, an unforeseen answer to prayers).
It's from the book "Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea; Why the Greeks Matter" by Thomas Cahill. He's the guy who wrote "How the Irish Saved Civilization." It's volume 4 of his Hinges of History series, and it is a really interesting look at the contributions the Greeks made to western civilization beyond what we know from high school (sure they contributed democracy, but what does that mean...).

Okay Steves, Bob "Chief Beer Advocate/Poindexter," Sopor, Joel and B_Mac. You're up.


Mr Furious 5:43 PM  

Mike already tagged Steves along with me. Get him off his ass.

Sopor 6:41 AM  

Here's a good one for all of us enjoying Michigan Weather recently:

"London's mean January temperature is a balmy 43 F.
The Prevailing winter winds in Chicago and Minnesota blow from the northwest out of Canada, bringing arctic blasts of cold air. Winds known as Alberta Clippers blow from the province of Alberta, Canada, across the Great Lakes and Northeast, bringing bitter cold."

And there ya have it. Y'know... I'm not so sure I like these memes, as they have a tendency to show how boring and uninteresting I am ;-). That's from "The Book of Totally Useless Information" by Don Vorhees, the kind of book which is RIGHT up my ally. I am awash in totally useless information! And in this case, it's useless to know that the UK is warmer than here.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 6:26 PM  

What if page 123 on the only thing you are "reading" at this time happens to be the centerfold?

Smitty 7:21 PM  

Awesome, Bob. Awesome.

Sopor 7:57 AM  

Well Bob, then I think that first off we need to see some proof ;-)

Joel 9:07 AM  

the NEAREST BOOK... pg. 123... 5th sentence... 3 sentences... let's see...

"(2)The appointing court must specify the nature of the court officer's employment relationhip at the time of appointment.

(3) The appointing court must maintain a copy of each court officer's application as required by the State Court Administrative Office.

(4) The State Court Administrative Office shall develop a preocedure for the appointment and supervision of court officers, including a model application form."

This from a wonderfully interesting book entitled "Michigan Rules of Court;" specifcially, MCR 3.106 -"PROCEDURES REGARDING ORDERS FOR THE SEIZURE OF PROPERTY AND ORDERS OF EVICTION."

If you have the means, I highly suggest picking up a copy. Fascinating, really.

Rickey Henderson 12:21 PM  

Ha-Ha! You got tagged for a meme! Oh wait, so did Rickey. And someone named "shieldmaiden" just popped up in the comments section. That's it, I'm fucking retiring from blogging.

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