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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 posting lately. As of last Thursday, we lost internet access at work. This has meant no email and no web. Sure, I could post from home, but it's been a crappy week.

AT & T blames local ISP Arialink, who blames AT& T, and both say that since it's the others' fault, they won't help us.

Corporate America, people.

More later, including a post on the best documentary I've seen since American Beer.


Sopor 8:21 AM  

Hmm, you mean AT&T and another ISP are playing the blame game? Oh wow! That's something I'm sure I've never had to deal with being in IT and all...

oh wait. ;-)

Rickey Henderson 10:22 AM  

So The Keg has been smitten with the same bug that caused the internet to crash in the entire Middle East, yes?

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