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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sometimes a video comes along that you can't ignore. Such poignant genius cannot be cast aside, relegated to some featureless archive drive on a server in the middle of nowhere, destined to be ignored for all of eternity.

No, sometimes a video deserves distribution. It deserves attention, applause, recognition and accolades.

Fellow keg bashers, I give you The Squirrel Relocator.

American ingenuity at its finest.


B Mac 10:19 AM  




steves 11:33 AM  

That would be great, though I'd want one for some of the larger pests that come in my yard.

Tony 11:02 PM  

I haven't laughed that hard in a while! You guys are insane.

That's cool.

B Mac 9:43 AM  

"Try some of the other fine products from the makers of the Squirrel Relocator:

~ The Door-to-Door Salesman Relocator
~ The In-law Relocator
~ The Daughter's Boyfriend Relocator
~ The Jehovah's Witness relocator"

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