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Thursday, August 06, 2009

As some of you know, I put together a group of beer enthusiasts from around the capitol called the Brewers Caucus. We meet monthly-ish and brew beer or drink good beer. It's all about being social, crossing partisan political lines, and enjoying craft beer.

The Michigan Brewers Caucus was the lead article of the Lansing E-Zine called Capital Gains. Find the article here. It features...yours truly! My "15 minutes" have now been exhausted. It was a fun article that didn't make us look like total drunks, so that's cool and all.

Capital Gains is a cool e-zine that highlights Lansing, MI area businesses and nightlife, as well as some occasional political ventures.

The photographer is Dave Trumpie. His web site may be basic, but his work is quite good. He shies away from wedding work, but does most everything else. He does a lot of business brochure-related stuff, annual reports, advertisement photos for local businesses. He's a fixture, and he's got a great eye.

Both Trumpie and the article's author, Larry O'Connor, were easily convinced to join the Brewers Caucus.


steves 8:51 AM  

Congrats. Andy posted the article on FB and I was going to suggest you put it up here.

B Mac 9:02 AM  

Slainte, Brew Caucusmaster.

Next time the caucus visits Holland/southwest Michigan, I may have to meet up with you.

Bob 10:42 AM  

OK Smitty it is time for a Brewers Caucus website. I will help.

Bob 10:44 AM  

Oh, and great article. Good work.

George 4:32 PM  

Fine article--always good to see good press.

Wonder if Sacramento has anything like that?

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