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Monday, August 17, 2009

Following the article I posted below by Bruce Bartlett, it seems there has been a series of back and forth between Bartlett and Washington Monthly's Steve Benen regarding the media and it's poor handling of the wackos at the health care town hall meetings.

In his first post, Barlett makes the case that the media should have laughed these nut balls off the air.

“One reason this isn't happening is because the media don't treat Republicans as if they are discredited. On the contrary, they often seem to be treated as if they have more credibility than the administration. Just look at the silly issue of death panels. The media should have laughed it out the window, ridiculed it or at least ignored it once it was determined that there was no basis to the charge. Instead, those making the most outlandish charges are treated with deference and respect, while those that actually have credibility on the subject are treated as equals at best and often with deep skepticism, as if they are the ones with an ax to grind.”
As ATK readers know from the debates over the last week or so, I don't buy into the argument that Fox is a counter to an otherwise lefty media. Bartlett does a good job summing up my opinion as well as his in the following post.

He states:

"The Fox News channel is a pure conservative/Republican network that does not pretend to be anything else. Personally, I have no problem with that. The problem is that the rest of the media is no longer liberal. It has moved to the center across the board. This has created an imbalance that requires a Fox-like network that is as liberal as Fox is conservative. MSNBC seems to be trying to fill this role, but very half-heartedly for reasons I am unclear about."

I know of Barlett, but not well. I am guessing I would not agree with many of his economic policies. That is OK, because as much as I might not agree, I can respect him for being introspective and forthright. When I talk to people like this, it makes me more likely to examine my own beliefs and opinions.


Rickey Henderson 2:34 PM  

Be it in the media or in politics, the left wing has a tragic habit of caving to the right wing by becoming more moderate. God forbid we ignore that crazed lunatics at townhalls. No intead the media at large gives 'em airtime and one week later Obama seems to be backing away from the idea of public healthcare. And he's playing golf. What the hell is going on here? If anyone should be going apeshit at townhall forums, it's us lefties!

Mr Furious 7:13 AM  

That's another part of the problem...I'm not sure who the hell is going to these town hall meetings on EITHER side. Don't these people have fucking jobs? Or somewhere to be?

These teabagging, death panel, Nazi-accusing asshats are clearly ignorant morons—are they also all un- or under-employed?

The "hands off my Medicare!" greedy-ass senior morons I can understand—they've got nothing better to do...but much as I'd like to counter-balance these idiots, and register my displeasure with the craven left—I have a goddamn job and responsibilites.

Mr Furious 7:16 AM  

Steves, any thoughts regarding Bartlett's observations on the media? It's what I and others have been clamoring all along—does carry any weight coming from your right?

Rickey Henderson 3:26 PM  

Not sure if it even matters what side of the aisle these town hall lunatics hail from. Some of 'em are toting guns and that scares me shitless. Once you get to that level of extremism, party affiliations don't come into play.

Bob 3:55 PM  

"Some of 'em are toting guns and that scares me shitless. Once you get to that level of extremism, party affiliations don't come into play."

Let me break it too you. They aren't Dems.

Although with those dumbasses running around with guns, I have a new appreciation for my ability to excercise the second amendment.

Pete,  5:54 PM  

If they're legally carrying the guns, then what's the problem?

B Mac 8:55 PM  

Damn gubernment bastards... get your grubby socialist hands out of Health Care. And don't touch my Medicaid!

Bob 1:43 AM  

"If they're legally carrying the guns, then what's the problem?"

Because if they get mad enough they might illegally shoot them.

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