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Thursday, August 13, 2009

So I'm watching Glenn Beck the other day (HA!), and what do I see? My Torts professor, suggesting that the Obama Administration is basically coercing people into aborting disabled babies...

(I can't embed it, but you can see the Youtube clip here.)

Orlando Carter Snead is a former member of the Bush administration, and is a current Associate Professor at Notre Dame Law School. As the former General Counsel of George W. Bush's Counsil on Bio-ethics. He was last seen agreeing with Glenn Beck's assertion that the Obama administration was promoting eugenics. Who's got two thumbs, a shaved head, and helped supress stem cell research for years? This guy.

Also in the faculty here at ND is William Kelley, the former Deputy white House Counsel who was veeeeeeeery involved in the U.S. Attorney Firing scandal (and who was part of the Ken Starr investigations of President Clinton). So is Professor Charles Rice, who compared Obama to Adolf Hitler and stands with the "birthers" in claiming that "pending lawsuits... raise serious questions as to Obama's eligibility for the office."

I'm beginning to wonder what the hell is going on around here. But one thing's for sure; the next time someone complains about the liberal nature of higher education, I have a simple response: Go Irish.


steves 5:21 PM  

My law school had a few kooky profs, but no where near as bad as you have it. Bummer.

Bob 8:53 PM  

Dude. Doesn't ND have a policy against hiring the mentally ill?

B Mac 9:41 PM  

Thing is, they're all very intelligent and accomplished lawyers. And I don't even mind a little kookyness (kookiness?). I'd just prefer a more balanced kookyness school-wide.

There are some more liberal profs (my crim law prof, Tex Dutile, prosecuted the Mississippi Burning cases back in the day). But they aren't the ones showing up on cable news.

Smitty 7:02 AM  

This is what you gt for going to ND. I don't feel bad for you.

Bob 7:18 AM  

"There are some more liberal profs..."

Liberal proofs aren't the counter balance to what you describe. Those guys aren't nuts because they are conservative, they are just nuts. I had conservative profs in school and really enjoyed them in my political science and other classes. I don't remember any of them being members of the black helicopter crowd.

If you have liberal profs who claim that the secret government controlled by the military industrial complex is going to rub us out for protesting the war, I would advocate for having their heads examined too.

Bob 7:19 AM  

"This is what you get for going to ND. I don't feel bad for you."

Good point. BMac is a dumbass and a sell out anyway.

Mr Furious 9:58 AM  

Those guys may be intelligent, but they are fucking whores if they are.

There's no way they actually subscribe to those beliefs if they have a firing synapse in their heads, but they are willing to say what it takes to advance an agenda or their career. Whether that means appearance fees on FOX or posts in right-wing Administrations.

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