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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

For the Michigan segment of Around the Keg reader- and contributorship, don't forget to vote today. Detroit wants a new mayor, Lansing might want a new mayor, and school boards across the state are holding election. We also have a key State Senate race that could decide not only the future majority party for the state senate, but also the future of the Congressional seat in that area.

Our New York readership has a key election in the 23rd as well.

As for the rest of you...I dunno. Sorry.



Bob 9:14 AM  

I already voted it E. Lansing.

Not much on the ballot:
-E.L. City Council seats.
-Lansing Community College Board of Trustees.

I cannot say I made the most informed decisions. I mostly voted based on recommendations from friends who will serve alongside these individuals on their respective boards.

Mrs. Smitty 9:42 AM  

I voted the bums out from Dewitt school board. But will admit I was a pretty uninformed voter for LCC trustee.

And am rooting for the Charter in Macomb - if any of the readership is down there, this is a big deal for you, go vote.

Bob 9:48 AM  

"I voted the bums out from Dewitt school board."

Hmmm. A truly dedicated DeWitt schools resident would have run herself.

B Mac 10:02 AM  

I have a lot of interest in Indiana's Proposition 17; a measure to incentivize the elimination of the mullet to and provide for indoor plumbing and electricity.

Smitty 10:05 AM  

A truly dedicated DeWitt schools resident would have run herself.

There are plans afoot.

Bob 10:58 AM  

"There are plans afoot."

Unless it includes a write-in campaign today, I am seriosly disappointed.

(You will notice I am very good at suggesting everyone else run for office.)

Monk-in-Training 1:40 PM  

I am fortunate in that there isn't a single election in my humble juristiction, and I am free to run along and not be responsible. :)

Mrs. Smitty 2:03 PM  

I was very close to running myself this time, just wasn't practical yet. Bob, you are on my short list of dedicated bitches... er volunteers for 2011.

steves 10:48 PM  

Good news from my child's school district and my wife's employer. After a bitter three years without a contract and a school board that wasted both time and money refusing to settle, the community voted somewhere around 75% to 25% to recall the school board president and one of the other members.

This was overwhelmingly positive, as the community has been hit hard by unemployment, but they still rejected the board's policy of "cut costs no matter what" and "a school should be run just like a business."

Mr Furious 12:48 AM  

My election night roundup. Because I'm at least as smart as anyone CNN or MSNBC will put on today...

Rickey Henderson 3:34 PM  

Yeah, Rickey voted appropriately, but sadly it didn't do much good in his neck of the woods. Sorry guys.

TiffanyReeser 1:24 PM  

Rural New York came through! Haha, who knew I would move to the area with one of the hottest races of the year....

Anonymous,  4:18 PM  

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