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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

There are some good discussions in the last post on the election results and different theories as to what it means and why it happened. Despite my contrariness, I thought everyone made decent arguments and I can buy the idea that certain people probably did vote those ways. Over at Volokh, Orin Kerr summarizes it like this:

I think there are four obvious lessons to draw from tonight’s election returns:

1. For Conservative Republicans: The America people reject Barack Obama and obviously want true conservative leadership. The Governorships of two states have switched to the “R” category, showing a grassroots conservative movement that is alive and well.

2. For Moderate Republicans: The American people obviously want old-fashioned economic conservatives who are moderate on social issues. McDonnell in Virginia and Christie in New Jersey won by downplaying social issues; Hoffman in New York-23 lost because he was too extreme.

3. For Moderate Democrats: The party out of power usually does well in off-year elections like this, and this year was no exception. But obviously there is no sign of any substantial shift in public opinion from the election of 2008.

4. For Liberal Democrats: NY-23 was the race to watch this year, given that right-wing extremists like Palin and Beck threw all their support behind Hoffman. But the district voters rejected the right-wing candidate, sending a Democrat to Congress for the first time in one hundred years. Obviously this shows that the American people reject right-wing extremism.


I think a reasonable person could argue any one of those positions and I also think that a reasonable person could dispute them.


Bob 5:35 PM  

I could have summarized the last two posts as follows:

What does last nights election mean?

After tomorrow, absofucking nothing. Only geeks like us even notice.

steves 6:38 PM  

After tomorrow, absofucking nothing. Only geeks like us even notice.

Sure enough! Quasi knowledgeable wankery at it's best.

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