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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I have resisted kicking them while they are down, but as a loyal Michigander, I just cannot take it anymore. This video was just way too funny not to post.

Now that the liberals in the media have turned on Toyota, they are really screwed.

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Andy 1:48 PM  

Nice job, Bob. The Big Three are back!

Smitty 2:34 PM  

Skimping on quality vehicles finally caught up with them...

Bob 3:35 PM  

"... The Big Three are back!"

Well, maybe two of them. Chrysler is still in a world of pain. Thanks Mercedes Benz!

steves 7:00 PM  

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, if they have been doing something shoddy, then they should be taken to task. On the other had, I feel bad for the thousands of people in this country whose income depends on Toyota. I also think that, as a consumer, I benefit from more car companies, as opposed to a few dominating the business.

Bob 9:14 AM  

"I also think that, as a consumer, I benefit from more car companies, as opposed to a few dominating the business."

I think the other dozen or so companies in the American market can keep up a reasonable level of competition.

Do I feel for the Toyota workers in the U.S. who have lost their jobs? Yes. But it's Toyota's fault the plants are idle, no one else's.

Just wait until everyone realizes that it isn’t the Canadian-made part causing the issue, but the cars made in Japan are impacted too. Yet those plants are still running.

Also, I would still rather have the 30 or 40 GM plants running over the 10 Toyotas plants any day.

The thing is Toyota has been given a free pass by the media for a long time. They have had many, many reported issues with sludge in their V-6 engines, trucks that rust out to the point of needing new frames, crumpling car bodies, tailgates that crush under load and a fleet of cars that isn’t nearly as fuel efficient as they get credit for. The media might be piling on a bit now, but it sort of makes up for all the fluffing Toyota has gotten over the last few decades. During all this Japan continued to block the importation of foreign cars into their market helping to secure Toyotas place as the world’s largest automaker.

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