What My Weekend Looks Like

Friday, February 26, 2010



Bob 10:35 AM  

Alas, if I didn't have family plans.

FYI- I told Craig B. that you would recommend some good winter warmers for him.

Smitty 10:59 AM  

Mmmm...winter warmers.

Sopor 6:05 PM  

See you all there!

Come to the Mount Pleasant Brewing Co table and introduce yourself if I haven't met you yet! Ask for Colin.

steves 6:16 PM  

Where is it? No one invited me :(

Smitty 7:16 PM  

Nobody from the blog was invited really. I am going because I am taking legislators and staff. Sopor is going because he "has" to.

Mr Furious 4:10 PM  

That's a great looking poster!

Smitty already knows, but it's official, boys, The Furiouses are coming back to Michigan!


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